Call for Full Papers

Dear Participants,

The organizing committee of the 1st International Symposium on the First Half of the 20th Century by Iğdır University and the Turkish Historical Society, was decided to publish full-text papers in e-books in 2019. The manuscripts is decided to be bilingual in Turkish-English or Turkish-Russian. If the text is Turkish-English there should be of 300 words in both languages  and  if the text is Turkissh-Russian there should be a summary of 300 words in both languages again and in Turkish texts there should be an English or Russian summary at the beginnings of the texts. In addition, it is expected that five keywords should be written in both languages used in the paper. The spelling rules are defined as the general spelling rules of the Turkish Historical Society, which our participants are familiar with, and are attached in the symposium website.

We ask all of our participants to upload their full papers to the full text uploading area on the symposium website until Friday, November 15, 2019, and wish them good work.

Symposium Organizing Committee