Call for Papers

Dear Researchers,

We kindly invite you to the symposium entitled “International Symposium on Turkish-Armenian Relations in the First Half of the 20th Century”, which will be organized jointly by Iğdır University and Turkish History Association in Iğdır on October 16-18th, 2019. The main topics of the symposium are Armenian attacks in the Caucasus, Eastern Anatolia, Azerbaijan, and the hinterland regions during and immediately after the First World War and the events that occurred afterward. Additionally, the topics to be covered also include political, social and economic aspects of the events. We believe that your presentations will contribute to world history as well as the history of the Turkish nation. Believing that your valuable knowledge will enlighten us all, we kindly request you to send the abstracts of your works by July 1st, 2019 and the full text until September 2nd, 2019 ( We will be glad to welcome you in Iğdır in this symposium hosted by Iğdır University.

Kind regards.

Chairman of the Symposium Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Hakkı ALMA

Rector of Iğdır University

General Information

Registration & Paper

Invited Speakers

Prof. Dr. Enver KONUKÇU

Aydın, Turkey

Prof. Dr. Refik TURAN

Turkish History Association
Ankara, Turkey


Azerbaijan Institute of National Sciences
Baku, Azerbaijan

Prof. Dr. İsmayıl HACIYEV

Azerbaijan Institute of National Sciences Nahcivan Department
Nahcivan, Turkey

Prof. Dr. S. Esin DERİNSU DAYI

Atatürk University
Erzurum, Turkey


Kazım Karabekir Foundation
Ankara, Turkey


The accommodation and transportation expenses of the participants that will represent a paper will be covered by the institutions that organize the symposium.


Atatürk Supreme Council for Culture, Language and History
Iğdır Governorate
Iğdır University
Turkish History Association

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